Trademarks refer to any form of expression that identifies and distinguishes one source of goods in commerce from another source of similar goods. The trademark is therefore a key tool in avoiding consumer confusion as to the source of particular goods. Trademarks are brand names for manufacturers such as Apple for an electronics device manufacturer, Nike for a shoe manufacturer, Coca Cola and Pepsi for beverage manufacturers.  Simply put, a trademark may be a name, slogan, a logo or any device that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods in commerce.

Service Marks

A Service Mark is any form of expression such as a name, slogan, logo that identifies and distinguishes the source of particular services in commerce. Marks such as McDonalds, Burger King and BP are actually Service marks.


A copyright is a form of intellectual property protection for original works of authorship and literary expression. Copyright, therefore, protects and bestows exclusive rights of artistic expressions such as songs, movies, comics, books and similar expressions.


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