At Noorani & Villar, P.C., we focus our legal practice on eight main areas.   Our areas of practice are as follows:

Intellectual Property – We help clients in acquiring Trademarks and Patents, responding to office actions, as well as represent clients in litigation.

Trademarks and Copyrights | Patent

Medical Malpractice – We help Clients in pursuing damages for injuries including wrongful births and deaths caused by a healthcare professional’s negligence.

 Wrongful Birth | Birth Related Malpractice | Wrongful Death
Laboratory Malpractice

Personal Injury – We assist clients seeking compensation from injuries resulting from slips and falls, vehicular accidents caused by the negligence of another to debilitating injuries caused by the defective products of a manufacturer.

 Auto Accidents | Products Liability | Premises Liability

Immigration – We help clients with their family-based petitions, employment-based petitions, both non-immigrant and immigrant, U.S. Citizenship and other immigration related service as follows:-

For Green Card Employment Based Category:

 EB-1 Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researcher/Professor OR International Managers | EB-2 PERM | EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW)  | EB-2 Physicians (NIW) | EB-3 PERM | EB-3 (Schedule A) Nurses  | EB-3 (Schedule A) Physical Therapists   EB-4 Religious Workers   | EB-5 Investment Green Card

 For Green Card Family Based Category:

Family-Based Petitions – Spouses of U.S. Citizen | Family-Based Petitions – Children of U.S. Citizen | Family-Based Petitions – Parents of U.S. Citizen

 For Family Visas Category:

 I-130 Petition for Alien Relative | K1 Visa (Fiancé Fiancée of U.S. Citizen) | K3 Visa (Spouse of U.S. Citizen)

 For Work Visas Category:

 E-1 Treaty Traders | E-2   Treaty Investors | H-1B   Specialty Workers | L-1   Intra-company Transfers | L-2   Family Members of L-1 | O-1   Extraordinary Ability  O-2   Support Staff of O-1 | P-1 Athletes or Entertainers | P-3 Artists or Entertainers Artists or Entertainers under Culturally Unique Programs | R-1      Religious Workers

 For Student Visas Category:

 F-1 Students | J-1 Exchange Visitors – Students

 For Visitor’s Visas Category:

 B-1 Business Visitors | B-2 Tourist VisitorsJ-1 Exchange Visitors

 For Green Card Related Services Category:

 Adjustment of Status  | Removal of Conditions – Marriage Based  |  Advance Parole   Travel Documents  |  Work Permit  |  Reentry Permit   |  Replace or Renew Green Card

 For U.S. Citizenship and Related Services Category:

 Naturalization Certificate of Citizenship  |  Replace Certificate of Citizenship  Replace Naturalization Certificate

 For DACA:

DACA – Deferred Action for Child Arrival

 Real Estate – We represent buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions, including bank owned real estate transactions (foreclosures), and short sales.

 Real Estate Purchase | Real Estate Sale | Articles of Agreement

 Corporate Transactions – We help clients organize limited liability companies, incorporate businesses and non-for-profits (NFP’s), or form other business entities. Our Attorneys assist buyers and sellers of businesses in asset and stock purchases or sales.   We assist Clients with general contract drafting, review and negotiations when needed.  We also provide basic transactional business legal advice.

 Business Incorporations | NFP’s | LLC Organizations
Business Purchase or Sale | Contract Drafting & Review

Estate and Probate – We draft wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. We can help with ancillary estate planning documents, including powers of attorney for property and healthcare, HIPAA disclosures, living wills, and others. We assist clients in opening probate estates, as well as assist executors/administrators in the administration of the probate estates.

Wills | Trusts  | Powers of Attorney | Decedent’s Estates Probate

 Family Law We represent Clients in marital dissolution/divorce cases, including negotiating marital settlement agreements and/or representing Clients in court.

Marital Dissolution/Divorce | Maintenance (Spousal Support)
Child Custody | Child Support | Child Visitation

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