Noorani & Villar P.C. Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

Noorani & Villar, P.C. is a law firm founded on the concept of employing modern methodologies to the practice of law. From employing lean concepts to keep the cost of legal fees affordable for our clients to using the latest technology to give our clients the turnaround they deserve, Noorani & Villar is dedicated to provide the best quality in legal service.

Noorani & Villar represents clients who find themselves in need of help and not many places to turn to. Buying your first residential property, acquiring intellectual property rights for your inventions or your business, immigrating to the United States, a healthcare professional’s negligence or an auto accident because of someone’s negligence are all important events that can have a meaningful impact in your life. Facing these challenges alone can be an impossible task and looking for trusted help can be equally arduous.

At Noorani & Villar, P.C., we have the empathy, dedication, skill and experience to help you. Our lawyers take pride in having helped many navigate through these challenges with a view to provide value added services for our clients.

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